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Mercedes-Benz Parts Department

Our Mercedes-Benz parts department is the leading opportunity for Mercedes-Benz owners to get OEM parts for their vehicle’s routine maintenance and repairs. Only accepting the best with genuine OEM parts promotes the luxury performance that you have come to expect from your Mercedes-Benz GLC, GLB, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, or any other Mercedes-Benz model you may be enjoying. Continue learning how our Mercedes-Benz OEM parts yield distinct quality and value advantages versus aftermarket parts. Review the most popular parts we provide at Mercedes-Benz of Austin. Visit the specials page to reduce the cost of genuine OEM parts and replacement services and order Mercedes-Benz OEM parts or schedule a replacement service appointment at Mercedes-Benz of Austin.

Premier Mercedes-Benz Service & Parts in Austin, Texas. Located near:
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Mercedes-Benz of Austin's Popular OEM Parts


Four vital filters clean primary systems, accumulate debris, and require replacement services. Contact us when your Mercedes-Benz needs a new engine air, cabin air, fuel, or oil filter.


We carry OEM batteries recommended for Mercedes-Benz models. Contact the service department for a battery inspection with testing and replacement if needed.


Brake system maintenance involves routine inspections, fluid exchange, and as-needed repairs when the brake pads have excessive degradation. Contact us when your Mercedes-Benz needs OEM brake fluid, pads, rotors, calipers, lines, or hoses.


We help Mercedes-Benz owners access a wide variety of OEM tires recommended for specific models in the right size and preferred tread type. We carry leading tire brands that you can trust for exceptional ride quality and long life.

Windshield Wiper Blades

Contact us when your Mercedes-Benz needs new OEM wiper blades that provide maximum coverage and perfect tension for peak moisture removal, visibility, and safety in inclement weather.

Mercedes-Benz OEM Parts Advantage

The Mercedes-Benz emblem signifies a second-to-none driving experience with luxury quality and performance. Mercedes-Benz OEM parts meet the same quality assurances as the original parts. Only accepting genuine OEM parts ensures your Mercedes-Benz continues to deliver the same luxury driving experience you enjoy every time you leave the driveway. Mercedes-Benz OEM parts meet strict manufacturing requirements with top-quality materials for durability and model-specific design for the perfect fit. Rigorous testing ensures genuine OEM parts perform as expected. Choosing genuine OEM parts ensures customers collect maximum value with a warranty guaranteeing the perfect fit and expected performance.

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Order Parts at Mercedes-Benz of Austin, TX

Mercedes-Benz owners can order parts online or by phone. Consider part installation requirements and schedule quick and convenient service according to certified Mercedes-Benz quality. Schedule a part replacement service appointment online or by phone.

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